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Classic Lash extensions



What's included in the Beginners Classic Lash Extension Course?

You'll receive a full training kit including:

  • 3 boxes Classic Lashes Mixed Lengths c,cc,d

  •  Lash Adhesive

  •  Curved Tweezer

  •  Straight Tweezer

  • Matte Lash Storage Palette

  •  Lash Primer

  • "lash Remover Cream

  • Glue tray

  • 100 Disposable Microfibre Brushes

  • 50 Mascara Brushes

  • Hypoallergenic Latex Free Micropore Tape

  • lash map

lunch is provided

Course Content - Classic Lash Training

Preparing for lash extension application

  • Health and safety

  • Workspace preparation and optimum room conditions

  • Sanitation vs sterilisation

  • Contraindications and allergic reactions - how to recognise the difference and what you should do if you experience this

  • Client consultation

  • Patch testing - why you need to patch test, how to patch test and what you're checking for if there is a reaction

  • Essential products, how to store them and how to use them

  • Lash growth cycle and how this affects lash application and retention

  • Introduction to different eyelashes, thicknesses, lengths and curls

  • Different types of lashes and how they're used - the differences between pre made lashes, mink, matte, silky, easy fans, classic and flat lashes as well as how to use them

  • Lash mapping and eye shapes - what shapes suit different types of eyes, how to correct or change eye shapes and when to use specific techniques

Lash extension application

  • Placing eye pads and correctly taping bottom lashes

  • Shampooing and cleaning client's lashes to improve retention

  • Correct lash isolation and why this is an essential part of lash extension

  • Which tweezers to use for correct isolation and placement

  • Correct lash glue usage, using the right amount and technique and the different ways that you can apply glue (glue ring, glue well, glue tray)

  • Lashing eye to eye or lashing one eye a time - which is better?

  • The importance of ensuring that inner and outer lashes are fully lashed

  • Correct application of lashes to ensure retention of lash extensions, client comfort and lash health

  • How to finish a lash set

  • How to carry out an infill treatment on your client

After lash application

  • Providing aftercare advice to your clients to maintain their lashes

  • Safe lash extension removal that won't damage natural lashes

  • Troubleshooting with clients and how to solve issues with retention

  • Pricing your services

  • How to take high quality client photos at the best angles and how to edit

  • Marketing your business on social media and gaining clients

Important Information

You must be 17+ to enrol on this course.

After booking on this course, you will be sent our course manual so you can familiarise yourself with the content in advance.

if you require and additional support please let us know in advanance so we can arrange the suitable arangements for you .


On the training day we will go through the manual step by step to ensure that you have a full understanding of it. Our small classes guarantee that you have the perfect student



teacher ratio of 3 students maximum to one teacher. This means you are sure to get our full attention at all times and all your questions answered.

We focus on both the theoretical and practical to ensure your full understanding of the treatments.


We do not allow students to work on each other as we strongly believe that you need all the allocated time to complete a full set of lashes. You’ll be working on live models whilst troubleshooting throughout the day to get the most out of your training.

Once the training day has finished you must complete at least 4 case studies within 3 months of completing your training. We will give you individual, in depth feedback for case study completed, pointing out any areas were improvement may be needed. We are also sure to point out and encourage aspects where you have done well. After passing your case studies you will be sent an accredited certificate that allows you to gain liability insurance and you will have full knowledge, confidence and skills to apply classic lash extensions safely and properly.

The Lash shop will be open for you to purchase from at the end of the training day.

Price includes:

  • Manual

  • Full starter kit worth over £250

  • 10% student discount on all products

  • Continued support by your trainer

  • Accredited certificate (Once case studies completed and approved)

  • Light refreshments and drinks

This course is suitable for complete beginners

Course time- 10am-4.30pm

Course payment is non refundable 

Please note you need to bring live model to practice on and they should arrive at 1pm.

If you are not able to bring your own model, please let us know at least 1 week in advance so we have time to find you one. Please note however we cannot guarantee this.

Parking is available at a cost


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