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IV Vitamin therapy is an infusion of essential vitamins and minerals and other fluids that are delivered into the bloodstream using IV drips.

Unlike vitamins from food sources and supplements, iv vitamins by-passes the digestive system and this immediately makes them available for use in the body cells, tissues, organs, and systems.

intravenous Infusion or IV therapy or Vitamin Drip, known as drips, deliver high dose liquid vitamins, electrolytes, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream through an IV catheter and a cannula to restore optimum hydration.

IV fluid is infused and absorbed directly by the body via the vein with 100% efficiency compared with approximately 50-60% or less for oral administration. It promotes faster recovery.

An I.V. drip infusion usually takes just 30-45 minutes and its effects are felt almost immediately.

benefits of vitamins you can have in a iv 

vit c


maintains healthy immune system , helps produce collagen keeping bones strong and brain function

vit a


helps with vision , cell division, reproduction and immunity


vit d


  helps absorbs calcium and maintain strong bones

vit b1


helps the cells convert food into energy 

vit b2


breaks down proteins fats and carbs 

vit b6


keeps the nervous system healthy 

vit b3


lower cholesterol ,ease arthritis and boost brain function

vit b5


 manufacture red blood cells, as well as sex and stress related hormones produced in the glands 

vit e 


vision , reproduction, health of your blood, brain and skin 

vit b7


maintains healthy immune system , helps produce collagen keeping bones strong and brain function

vit b9 (folic acid)


helps tissue growth 

vit b12


helps form red blood cells and promote energy 



helps the thyroid function & metabolism 



helps to keep blood sugar levels normal 



Fights against fatigue 



essentials for healthy muscles , nerves , bones & blood sugars 




reduce inflammation , boost immune system speed wound healing & improve acne symptoms  




helps maintain healthy bones, blood vessels, nerves and immune function and it contributes to absorbtion 




is a powerful anti oxidant , a molecule that fights free radicals 

gives skin  radiant glow has skin lightening and age-defying effects 



helps keep hair,skin, nails , eyes , liver and nervous system healthy 


immunity  £110

main indication - build you immune system  to fight against future infections

reduces tiredness and fatigue decreases oxidative stress to peak condition


 drip contains 

muti vitamins 

multi minerals 

, selenium  zinc chromium calcium 

the reset £100

main indication - general wellbeing and resetting the body 

the perfect mix for those wanting an all around feel good reset of the body

-more energy more mental clarity 

bringing your body back




multi minerals 

multi vitamins 

wellness £90

main induction - general well being 

a good booster to build your immune system. the original cocktail  with the perfect balance  of vitamins  


drip contains 

multi vitamins 


vit c

skinny drip  £90

main indication- aids in reducing fat 

helps suppress appetite , mixed with a combination of minerals to aid in digestion 


drip contains 

L- Carntine 


main indication - suppresses melanin skin lightening  

the msot powerful whitening anti-oxidant containing the worlds strongest 3 anti-oxidants in the best dosages 

for glow or skin whitening purposes 


extreme white 88million mg glutathione


supreme white 12million mg glutathione


Super Whitening Glutathione 95000mg


advance 1 white 70,000mg gluthathione


advance white 2 50,000mg gluthathione


VIT glow


high dose collagen 120,000mg and vit c 60,000mg 


high dose collagen ,vit c and placenta



High doses contains amino acids ,placenta , collagen and boosters 

booster add on available 

sports performance  £80

main indication - recovery , regeneration improvement of sports performance 

this nutrient drip is packed with energy boosting vitamins that enhance your performance , improves recovery time and aids to burn off stubborn fat 


drip contains 

multi vitamins 

amino acids 


fat burning agents 

vegan support  £70

main indication - supplement loss of nutrient


perfect combination to ensure your body is getting what it needs 

biotin , folic acid , vitamin k 

hydration  £70

main indication - replenish hydration in body 


Includes a blend of IV fluids formulated for quick hydration leaving 

you feeling revitalized and refreshed




Vit. B12, Ascorbic Acid, Magnesium Sulphate, 0.9% Sodium Chloride

multi minerals  £60

main indication - to provide substances not taken through diet  

to prevent deficiency due to poor diet 


drip contains 

calcium , selenium, zinc & chromium.

multi vitamins  £60

main indicaton- to provide substances not taken through diet

prevent deficiency due to poor diet


drip contains 

vit c, vit a, vit d, vit b1, vit b2, vit b6, vit b3 ,vit b5, vit e, vit b7, vit b9 ,vit b12 ,

detox £50 detox skin £90

main indication - detox 

boosts physical performance and recovery time , increases energy improves skin , regenerates liver , helps after alochol overodse . helps with stress and aids immune system support  


detox skin for acne and hyperpigmentation 

drip contains 

glutathione,  b complex 

custom mix drip £50

mix your own drip with whatever vitamins you choose:

 any additional vitamins can be added to drips 

iron £30

vit d £20

b12 £20/£30

vit c £20/£30

zinc £20

calcium £10

glucose £10

tranexamic acid £30

glutathione £20

b12/ vit c / vit d shot  £30/50

this will be administered intramuscular 

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